Glycosylation is commonly in post-translantional modification to regulate traffic, activity, stability structure, solubility, and diversity of protein. Recent medical studies has been focused on relation between glycosylation and various diseases including cancer, metabolism syndrome, diabetes, dislipidemia, vascular diseases, immunodiseases. To establish platform of glycosylation studies can promote research of associative diseases to diversity and efficiency. In this platform, we will support various methods to identify type of glycosylation, enzymatic pathway of glycosylation, diversity and structure of glycan on glycoprotein. By collation of various disease samples from KMU and KMUH, we will analyze diversity of glycosylation on thease samples and establish database on KMU to provide researchers to process studies on various diseases.

  1. The platform will provide enzymatic degkycosylation to analyze glycan diversity.
  2. The platform will provide microfluidic crystallization screening to analyze glycan diversity and structure.
  3. The platform will provide LC/MSE analysis for glycoprotein protein composition.
  4. The platform will provide genetic silencing glycosylation process to analyze glycan diversity and structure.


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